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Pool Pump Trap Wrench hopes to address the most common issue related to the maintenance of swimming pools. In particular, we have zeroed in on the problem of removing the pump's lid.

We believe that our Twist a Cap the Pool Basket Wrench is the best possible tool for swimming pool maintenance. We envision it as the pool pump lid removal tool of choice of both pool cleaning professionals and swimming pool owners. Hopefully, this is the tool that will put an end to all those "I can't open the pump lid!" rants.

With its longer handle, the Twist a Cap the Pool Basket Wrench is way easier to maneuver. Proudly made in the USA, it's a sturdy tool that's built to last. To be specific, it's made of heavy-duty UV Stabilized plastic. Best of all, it fits 9 different pump lids.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Twist a Cap the Pool Basket Wrench will make swimming pool pump troubleshooting and maintenance easier for individual pool owners. This pool pump lid opener is priced at only $29.95

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