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Twist a Cap The Pool Basket Wrench™

Pool Pump Trap Wrench was established in March 2015. The company believes in providing the right tool for those who want to be hands-on in the maintenance of their swimming pools. You don't have to call in somebody else for every little issue with your pool.

People tend to think of swimming pools as nothing but a large container filled with water. This isn't exactly the case. 

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Pentair Challenger Pump #355301
Pentair Whisper Flow & Intelli Flow #357150
A & A Leaf Vac Lid #540189
Stay Rite Dyna Glass / Dyna Max #C3139P
Hayward SPX1500D2A
Hayward Super II #spx3000P
Pentair Dura Glass ll / Maxi Glass ll #C3185P
Hayward Super II #spx3100D
Hayward Echo Star & Tri Star #SPX3200DLs
Old Style Hayward North Star #spx4000cld
Normally, an in-ground swimming pool would have the following components:

1. Skimmers - They are responsible for sucking water from the top of the pool into the filter system. That's why they're called skimmers ? because they skim from the surface of the swimming pool's water. Each skimmer has a small plastic basket inside it where common debris usually ends up. 

2. Main drain - This is usually located in the deep end of the pool. It sucks water from the bottom of the pool into the filter system.

3. Return jets - They release the water that has gone through the filtration system back into the pool.

4. Pump - This is main component of the swimming pool's circulation system. It's made up of a motor, impeller, as well as a hair-and-lint trap.

5. Filter - The filter takes out the fine debris or any tiny particles of contaminants from the pool water.

Among all these parts, it's the pump that needs to be carefully maintained. Ironically, the problem of pool maintenance starts with the lack of the proper tool to open the pump lid. Our product, the Twist a Cap the Pool Basket Wrench is designed for this task.
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