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​​Pool Pump Traps making your life a hassle?

In places where the temperatures run high, a swimming pool in the backyard is a welcome feature. In fact, it can be considered a necessity. After all, it's one of the best ways to fight the heat. It's also ideal for entertaining your friends and family. In this sense, the pool becomes a major selling point of the property. It's worth noting, though, that having a swimming pool isn't just fun and games. The maintenance of the swimming pool needs to be addressed regularly. The most common issues with swimming pools include the presence of contaminants such as leaves from nearby trees, insects, and miscellaneous debris such as pebbles and other objects that inadvertently fall into the water. The swimming pool could also get infested with algae and bacteria. At times, there's also a buildup of minerals associated with swimming pools such as calcium, nitrogen, as well as iron and various other metals. Then, of course, there are issues concerning the swimming pool pump such as a clogged filter. When it comes to doing a quick fix for this problem, swimming pool owners often have difficulty removing the pool pump lid. People who have gone the do-it-yourself route when it comes to swimming pool maintenance often complain, "Help! I can't remove the pool pump lid!" We're not kidding. There are numerous online discussion threads devoted to this dilemma. The responses are often inconclusive. The answers are usually variations of this statement: "I'm not sure, but I think there's some sort of tool to remove lids. Try your local pool store." This is the problem that we hope to solve for every stressed out pool owner. It's where our Twist a Cap the Pool Basket Wrench comes in handy. Hopefully, it will put an end to all the frustration and confusion that's commonly associated with pool maintenance.
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​​ Pool Pump Traps making your life a hassle? ​​
Twist a Cap is designed to make pool jobs effortless & stress free!
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